ABC Prime Time Investigative Report

Take a few minutes to watch this video. The ABC Prime Time Investigative report is in this video. As the reporters blood is being drawn, you are witnessing history in the making. This science is the cutting edge of technology. I know you will have a lot of questions after watching please feel free to call me at 904-556-2410 to Continue Reading

LifeVantage Products & Nrf2 – How it Works in Our Bodies

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How Protandim is Working for Horses!

This video is for my horse people. This is not my video we at RK Stables are doing our own test now. The results in this video are amazing. Please contact me for more information. Thank You…

GLUTATHIONE – “The Master of All Antioxidants”

“Glutathione is the main endogenous antioxidant produced by cells, directly acting in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS).” Pedro Díaz-Vivancos. Published Researcher Glutathione is currently the subject of over 120,000 published peer reviewed studies and that number is increasing weekly. Visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine… Glutathione – PubMed Protandim – Glutathione Study – PubMed Continue Reading

Validated by Peer-Reviewed Studies

VALIDATED BY THIRD PARTY RESEARCH TESTED. TRIED. CONFIRMED. Get the facts… Use Google Scholar for reliable information!!  Our flagship product, Protandim, has been validated by peer-reviewed studies. These studies have been conducted at some of the world’s most respected research institutions, including: The Ohio State University LSU University of Colorado Denver Virginia Commonwealth University Colorado State University Texas Tech University The following medical Continue Reading