Davis Family


We have been with Rick Kirkman for several years.  Time has flown by with fun and adventures that I have no idea how long it has been.  It all started with Family Horse Ranch and Rescue (FHRR) with a GroupOn thinking our girl would have some fun for a day.  Being around horses and the outdoors is just wonderful. And we are proud to say we we now have horses of our own. And our oldest kiddo also competes for fun and is a part of 4H.  We live about an hour drive away from FHRR (now known as RK Stables). Yes we could find a place for our horses closer to home and trainers as well. However, we would not have Rick and the many amazing people who are a part of RK Stables (RKS).  Rick has a BIG heart and is just amazing with kids of all ages and us adults as well. His patience with little ones is blessing. Little did we know a GroupOn would turn into something that is now a full-time passion for our whole family and that chance meet with Rick would bless our life with someone who is now a part of our family.  Many people consider Rick a part of the family. And everyone at RKS is family! Watching our children grow around horses and other animals in the outdoors and meeting new friends we otherwise would never have met has been a continuous blessing for our family. We look forward to the many years ahead with RKS and new adventures..

Bobby Davis