Intake #052117A

Ben the big black Hanoverian who is 24

Find out how you could help a new life of happiness by reading this complete to the end.

Friends, Families, and RK Stables Supporters. This is our latest intake photos for our two newest rescues. I want to share their story with you. These two beautiful horses Ben the big black Hanoverian who is 24, and Lucky (Intake #052117B) the large Dark Bay Thoroughbred is 22 years old.

They have both had a great life with a great lady who was diagnosed with advanced Parkinson’s disease. With her diagnosis she has been unable to do anything with the horses and unfortunately they have not been used in a capacity that is needed for these majestic animals. You will see that their feet have not been done and they have been in pasture for a year. They need some weight, love, and to be given a job.

Thank the good Lord that this lady has extremely loving friends that have stepped up to help her make some very difficult decisions. Please imagine having two friends for 15 plus years and your health fails to the point that you can no longer feed yourself. It is incomprehensible to me the pain this women must feel to loose so much in the way of life and then have to make the hard decision to let her two equine companions go. I am choked up just writing this for you to read.

RK Stables has specific guidelines for taking in rescues. As well as adopting out rescues. With this being said, we chose to take these two amazing horses into the RK Stables facility so that this wonderful lady can have the relief of knowing her equine children will be cared for. Our prayers go out to her and her family. In such times we must feel compassion for those that we do and don’t know. It is the best trait of being a human.

I have left the names and locations of the previous owner out for privacy reasons.

If you would like to sponsor one or both of these horses. Please do not hesitate as they will need medical evaluations and some other required procedures done. Not limited to having their teeth floated, immediate hoof correction, weight gain supplements, and required state testing, and inoculations. If you would like to donate a one time donation that would be great. If you would like to make a monthly donation that is even better. You can send your check made out to:

RK Stables
Send to:
6014 County Road 214, Keystone Heights, FL 32656
Please write donation on the memo line.

Again without your kind generosity these animals would not have the second chance that they are getting now.